Monoprufe WP Elastic

Monoprufe WP Elastic

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Monoprufe WP Elastic is a high-performance, cold-applied cementitious waterproofing membrane. Monoprufe WP Elastic is used in swimming pools, tanks and basements to contain or exclude water and can accommodate some structural movement within the substrate.

Supplied as a two-component material, Monoprufe WP Elastic is a blend of polymers, cements, graded fillers and chemical binders. Monoprufe WP Elastic forms a highly workable coating which is roller applied to the prepared substrate. It is to be covered with a screed or render; it is not capable of resisting wear or abrasion.

  • Water-based elastomeric membrane system
  • Reduces water and water vapour permeability
  • Designed to accept thin bonded screeds
  • Suitable for use in below-ground structures
  • Highly elastic - elongation at break 180%
  • Quick-drying two or three coat application
  • Non-hazardous, solvent-free, low odour
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Compatible with most Ronacrete screed and topping systems

Pack size: 11.25kg

Coverage: 16m2 per pack per coat