RonaFloor Anti-Bacterial Coating

RonaFloor Anti-Bacterial Coating

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RonaFloor Anti-bacterial Coating is a FeRFA Type 2 two-component water-based pigmented anti-bacterial and anti-microbial floor coating for light-duty use on concrete and polymer modified screeds. RonaFloor Anti-bacterial Coating reduces the presence of bacteria on the floor by 99.99%.

Cured dry film thickness for a 2 coat application is approximately 0.2mm. RonaFloor Anti-bacterial Coating provides an economical coloured surface to concrete or polymer modified screed floors.


 Pack Size 5kg
Coverage Up to 33.5m2 per pack per coat
Coats required 2
Pot life Up to 150 minutes
Initial cure time 6-8 hours
Intercoat period 24 hours maximum
Foot traffic 24-48 hours
Full cure 7 days
Solids content 57% by volume
Maximum substrate humidity 80%
Finish Semi-gloss