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RonaBond Easy Skim FC

RonaBond Easy Skim FC

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RonaBond EasySkim FC is a pre-packed fairing coat mortar which is applied as a skim coat in thicknesses up to 3mm to provide a smooth, hard finish to damaged, blemished and repaired concrete surfaces. RonaBond EasySkim FC is used as a levelling mortar prior to the application of protective coatings or paints. The material is supplied in pre-blended form.

  • Conforms to BS EN 1504-2
  • 1mm - 3mm application thickness
  • Fair-faced finish on walls and soffits
  • Covers minor blemishes
  • Apply by trowel
  • Apply prior to the application of surface coating

Pack size: 25kg

Coverage: 6.5m2 @ 2mm


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