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Ronacrete AR Glassfibre Mesh 50m x 1m

Ronacrete AR Glassfibre Mesh 50m x 1m

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Ronacrete AR Glass Fibre Mesh is a reinforcing mesh used to provide crack
control in coatings, renders and screeds. The high zirconia content of the mesh
ensures that mesh strength is unaffected by contact with cement and other
alkaline materials.

 Tensile strength  > 1200 N/50mm warp & weft
Zirconia content 14.5—16.5%
Polymer content  8-10%
Nominal weight 160g/m2
Roll dimensions 50m x 1m
Mesh opening  5mm x 5mm
Softening temperature 860 C
Elastic modulus 72-80.4 GPa
Specific gravity 2.7
Strain at breaking point 2.4%
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